Aljomaih Automotive’s philanthropy program encompasses the Disabled Children’s Association

As part of its multifaceted philanthropic approach, Aljomaih Automotive, the largest dealer of General Motors in KSA and the Middle East, equipped the computer class of the Disabled Children’s Association with all the necessary educational tools that enable challenged children to use computers effortlessly. That initiative is part of the company’s social responsibility program, through which it seeks to develop society as a whole by supporting individuals with special needs and enhancing their capabilities to become effective members in society. The Association’s management was so impressed by the initiative that it named the computer class “Aljomaih Automotive”.

In that occasion, Sheikh Walid Aljomaih, Chief Operating Officer of Aljomaih Automotive, said, “Aljomaih Automotive believes in returning the favour to the society that we grew in and achieved our success with the support of its individuals and institutions. Because children are the seeds of the future on whom we depend, we decided to reach out to the challenged category of youngsters that is dear to our hearts, because we believe in their potential and resolve. Our approach will encourage them to give more and unleash their creativity and full potential, which will leave a positive mark on their innocent souls.”