Aljomaih Automotive honors its corporate clients in Buraidah city

Aljomaih Automotive Company (AAC), the largest dealer for General Motors in Saudi Arabia and the Middle East, celebrated an open day for honoring its corporate clients in Buraidah region, this remarkable event was held on a special venue prepared for this purpose at the desert of Asilan.

After the warm welcome of the guests, AAC officials drove them around the sprawling desert, amid the breathtaking scene of sand dunes scattered throughout Asilan desert, on board the GMC “Sierra”, and Chevrolet “Silverado”, to test-drive both models, as well as to see for themselves the technical potentials and high performance of the cars and their off-road capabilities

Following the completion of the desert test-drive session, guests were moved to a new to learn about the unique innovation and features of both cars. After returning from exciting and exhilarating test-drive sessions, guest were invited to have lunch amid an atmosphere of fun and amusement.

In the evening, the event has been completed with a fancy reception and gala dinner held at the Aljomaih Automotive showroom in the city of Buraidah; with the attendance of all invitees.  The reception began by recitation from the holy Quran, followed by an opening speech by the Operating Regional Manager, Mustafa Al Homaidan, in which he welcomed the attendees and thanked them for their attendance. Then Fayez Al Alam, Fleet Development Manager at General Motors Middle East, delivered his speech, where he welcomed the clients and demonstrated the deeply-rooted history of Chevrolet in Saudi Arabia. He further talked about the new Chevrolet products that have been designed to meet the expectations of their owners, both individuals and corporate. Afterward, Credit General Manager at Tayseer Arabian Company addressed the invites, and announced several exclusive offers for corporate clients, and then Mustafa Al Sharqawi, Acting Sales Manager at Aljomaih Automotive delivered his address on this occasion.

Furthermore, Waleed Aljomaih, Chief Operating Officer at AAC, expressed his thanks and deep gratitude to corporate clients, and valued their efforts that served in the growth of the company’s gross revenue, as well as enhanced its leading place in the Saudi Arabian auto sector.

He added: “We always move forward, and it is great to have an event like this to reflect on how far we have come.  AAC is committed to what started since inception with all their customers by providing all services to reach their aspirations, develop regional departments for corporate sales in all regions to follow the needs of corporate clients and provide the best offers and services. The company’s expansion projects also witnessed huge investment to increase our after sales service centers Kingdom wide to be able to provide maintenance and spare parts for customers.” He concluded his speech by saying: “AAC provides all corporate clients best financing solutions that suit all their needs, through our partner “Tayseer Arabian Company”.

After the unveiling of the all-new Malibu 2017, the audience enjoyed laser shows and several other entertainment programs. The ceremony was concluded by honoring distinguished clients for their remarkable efforts past year.